Wish Ship to Store Update

We have put the Wish Ship-to-Store Program on hold at Treasures by the Locks because we are full.

No, really.

We simply don’t have any more space for packages — Mel’s office (that’s Wild Magic Designs) is even packed with orders, and that’s not the purpose of her office space. It’s supposed to be packed with her vintage postcards and trinkets so she can get stuff listed on her store (and design cool stuff for us)!

Any orders placed after July 14 will not be able to be sent to us and we aren’t sure when, or if, we’ll be reactivating the program.

We just don’t have the room.

We appreciate those of you that stop in regularly to pick up, and who have stopped by because of Wish and have decided to browse! We hate to remove a handy service — it’s just that our space is limited and we need our storage back.

It’s our hope that you’ll continue to stop by and support our store, even if we won’t be able to host your Wish purchases anymore.