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Weekly Auctions Switch to Fridays!

We decided to make your weekends better by swapping our weekly auctions over to Fridays instead of Mondays.

See, until the Victoria Day long weekend, we’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays. By shifting auctions to a day that we’re working, it’s easier for us to make sure we don’t miss out on anything—like questions, or um, errors.

It also means that, for the time being, our auctions don’t interfere with other local business’ events that we’re currently aware of. There may be live feeds that happen that we haven’t run into yet. Thankfully, if you find that you aren’t able to participate because of other stuff that’s going on, you can contact us while the auction is running and let us know what items you’re interested in.

We’re happy to bid on your behalf up to the dollar amount that you decide.

Remember: we also ship.

I hope to eventually replace the auction with the online store or with a proper auction on another platform—ah, so many ideas, so little time. Can I get a few more hours in the day? That would be swell.

So, remember: Treasures by the Locks online auctions take place on Fridays, not Mondays, and can be found on our Facebook page. Just click here and look for the album with the most recent date.

This week’s auction takes place on Friday, March 8. See ya then!

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