Updates to Shipping, Wish, and more.

brown cardboard boxes on brown wooden floor

We’ve changed our flat-rate shipping to $20. Fill a box, pay $20, or select local pick-up and just swing by to get your purchase. We just ask that you wait until we contact you before coming to get your order.

Once again, we’re no longer acting as a pick-up location for Wish. It just turned out to be too much of a pain. We were having to dedicate more time to it than what we should have had to, and the compensation didn’t match that effort or make up for the amount of space that we had to use. We know it was super convenient for folks that regularly shop with Wish and we’re sorry that we won’t be seeing some of you nearly as much. Leaving the program is just better for us right now.

If Wish Local ever develops a better way to handle abandoned packages, brings back phone-based customer service, and provides an alternative to the QR code for folks that don’t have access to a cell phone, then we might consider going back.

We are still open 7 days per week, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm during the winter, and we invite you all to come visit us even if you don’t have anything to pick up. 😉

We’re once again hard at work making changes, moving things around, and figuring out new ways to serve you. Come visit us at 7 May Street in Fenelon Falls to see what we’re up to.