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One thing we believe in at Treasures by the Locks is supporting other businesses like ours, and part of that is directing folks to the tools and supplies that we use and find most helpful. The websites, services, software, and tools listed below are all things that we use or have used, and have helped us in our business.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Canada

The best website hosting is Canadian. has been our go-to web host since 2018, when Mel switched from a USA-based provider after years of paying too much money for web hosting. This Montreal-based web host has specialized WordPress hosting as well as general website hosting packages and rapid turnaround on support tickets. They’re also a green business, so if sustainability is important to you, too, they’re an excellent choice.

Choose Canadian. If you don’t have a website and you need help with that, or you want to switch to a new host, contact Mel through


All of our sites are built with WordPress on WHC’s servers, with ecommerce functionality provided by WooCommerce. For shipping, we connect our Canada Post account to Octolize’s free WooCommerce shipping plugin.

If you understood exactly none of that, no problem! Mel can help you out.


We use Canva to create simple social media graphics. For general image editing, Mel uses Adobe Photoshop Elements with some support from Irfanview (file conversions, mostly).

Marketing, Newsletters, eCommerce, and More

ConvertKit treats us very well. It’s free to use if you have 1,000 or fewer subscribers, plus it has some neat ecommerce features right out of the box. Set up tip jars, digital products, services, and more on the free plan and upgrade as you grow to access quality-of-life changes like automations. It’s super user-friendly and their newsletter is one of the few that Mel reads on a regular basis because it’s useful as heck.

Try out ConvertKit’s landing page creator to get a free taste of what this service can do. We switched to it from MailChimp and have never looked back—it’s just that good.

More resources coming soon, including free forms and documents for your business.