About Us

Treasures by the Locks opened as a sole proprietorship in January of 2021.

We stumbled on the location at 7 May Street in September or October 2020. The price was right, the location acceptable, but the timing was bizarre. We were in the middle of a pandemic. Lockdowns were a thing that could and did happen, but, ah, oh well, we’d tackle it when it happened.

After spending years running booths in various vintage markets, even one right here in Fenelon Falls, it seemed to be the time to branch out and try something new. So that’s what we did. After a lot of starting and stopping, we opened up in January of 2021. Time sure flies when you’re having fun (and juggling fifteen ideas at once).

Treasures by the Locks deals in vintage finds and magical supplies, with a sprinkle of randomness thrown in. A dash of whimsy. A spot of whatever. We like to bring in different little things to see what people think, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Is there something you’ve been dying to get your hands on but can’t find anywhere? Do you have unusual old stuff that you’re trying to rehome? Even if we can’t take it, we can certainly guide you in the right direction: just drop us a line at treasuresbythelocks@gmail.com.

Meet The Team

Close-Up Photo of Downy Cat


The Boss

Nancy is the one in charge. She does most of the buying, pricing, wrangling of vendors, and gnawing on the scenery, plus handling the money stuff. Generally, she’s the one that remembers what the old and brand-new things are, what has been in stock, and whether or not some things have ever been on the shelves.

If you’re checking to see if we have a specific thing in stock, she’s the one that will be able to say “yes” or “no” or “get out”.

Ragdoll Cat on a White Chair


The Minion

Melissa lurks in the background, fighting with social media accounts and the website, solving the mystery of the angry printer, and generally handling customer service things. She also decided to make the team photos cats because both the people in charge are shy introverts, they’re just good at acting otherwise.

If you ever send us an e-mail it’s usually Melissa that will answer it, and she’s the witty critter behind everything written on the site.

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